How To Disable Web Push Notification

How To Disable Web Push Notification

Hello, friends today in this post I will tell you about how you can disable web push notifications in Google Chrome browser. As when you visit some websites you saw a popup in that window.

 It contains a message that subscribe to notifications. Website owners do this with the help of plugins and you can see it on many small websites as well as on news company website also.

Web push notifications plugins are like one signal and more but more popular is one signal. It is used by many bloggers. It is the best way to gather an audience. And if have published a new article on your blog then you can send a notification to your audience to notify them about the new article.

If you allow it by pressing yes then you will start getting notifications from that website and whenever any new articles will be published you will get a notification in your browser that a new articles has arrived. If you are a regular reader of that website than is very beneficial for you as you will not miss any updates.

Web push notifications allow website owners to get the audience in advance as if any article will be published there are people who are already subscribed to this blog they will get notifications and they open the website and start reading.

Web push notifications are the best mode to gather an audience in advance if there are not many visitors are coming on your website.

Whenever you allow any website for web push notifications it starts sending notifications to you. And it sometimes becomes so irritating that you want to close notifications at any cost. The main reason is that they send too many notifications in one day only. They also send notifications regarding spam and advertisement. 

It becomes so irritating for people to respond to it again and again. Whenever you unlock your mobile you see many notifications on your mobile screen. Sometimes because of these messages, your mobile start hanging.

 It becomes difficult to use your mobile. Yes, web push notifications are good but it should be done in the limit. You can do this by only subscribe to those websites who you read their articles regularly.

Web notifications allow you to send notifications to your subscribers but it should be done in a good manner. If you send too many notifications in one day only it becomes difficult for any person who is doing some important work on his mobile, desktop, tablet. It irritates the person as he’s trying to work and notifications are coming every time. So push notifications should be sent in an appropriate way.

How To Disable Web Push Notification in desktop Chrome Browser

  • Open your Google Chrome browser then press three dots on your right upper side.
  • Press the settings button at the bottom of the list and then go to advance.
  • Then you have to go to privacy settings.
  • Then you have to click on-site settings and after opening your site settings.
  • You will see notifications button click on it and manage your sites.

You can also disable notifications and you also can customise site which site want to send notifications to you. You also can block them and you have press just clear and reset button they will not be available in your list again. You can choose between website whom to block and which sites can send you notifications.

How To Disable Web Push Notification in Mobile Chrome Browser

  • You have to open your google chrome mobile browser.
  • Then you have to press three dots that are present on the top right corner of you.
  • Then you have to click on settings which are at the bottom of the list.
  • Then you have to go to site settings.
  • Then you have to go notifications and there you can disable it.

Or you can customise according to your need. You can turn off notifications. Or you can select which Website to send notifications to you. If you want to block the website then you can also block them.

How To Disable Web Push Notification in tablet Chrome Browser
  •  You have to go to chrome browser open it.
  • Then you have to click on the 3 dots on your top right corner.
  • Then go to settings which is at the end of the list.
  • Then you have to go to site settings.
  • There you will see a button called notifications
  • On press this button you will see the settings of notifications then you can customise them.

You can disable it or delete the website you want. You can also allow those websites who you want to get notifications from them. If you want to block any website then you can press clear and reset it will automatically delete the data about the website and it also removes from your notification bar.

Final Words

Hope you like my post about how To Disable Web Push Notifications In Google Chrome Browser. If you have any doubt or any suggestions please share it with me by commenting. I will reply as fast as possible. 

And also do share my post with your friends and also share it on social sites. And please subscribe to my blog and bookmark it.

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