Top 5 Free Hosting sites for WordPress (2019)

Top 5 Free Hosting sites for WordPress

Hello, friends today we will talk in this post about the best top 5 free hostings for your WordPress website. If you are new to the blogging industry then you can try this 5 free hosting for your new blog.

The today blogging industry is expanding very much as new people are joining this industry as today you can see new blogs are created in every minute. Every blogger wants to create a professional blog so it requires more features so you can do this by best hosting and domain.

If your new and you don’t want to spend money on purchasing hosting you can try blogspot this is a free platform. This is a product of Google for people who want to create a website and not want to spend money. Only you have to connect domain with Blogspot and you are ready to publish the post. If you want more features then you can try this top 5 free hosting for your blog.

If you want to make a website on WordPress for learning purposes only then I can recommend this. You have to take responsibility for using free hosting if any problems arise. You can learn to make blog on WordPress by using free hosting. When you’re ready, then you can buy hosting from hosting company.

1.AccuWeb Hosting

This is a great hosting site for your blog. You can host your WordPress blog on this free hosting site. This hosting site provides free plan as well as paid plan. If you are able to learn WordPress on free hosting then later you can purchase paid plans from this site only.

In the free plan, you get free 2 GB SSD storage and you can use 30GB bandwidth on this plan. You can create 10 databases on this free plan. This website server and CPU are Highly optimised so your website loading speed will be very fast.

Features of AccuWeb Hosting:

  • your site will load very fast and run very smoothly.
  • On using this hosting you will get a free custom domain.
  • This hosting site is optimised with security and also has DDoS Protection.
  • You can make a backup of your WordPress site.
  • You can use advertisement on your WordPress site using this hosting site..
  • customer support of this hosting site is very supportive.
  • You can use and download SEO optimized plugins by using this hosting site.


This hosting site is very grated for you. As this hosting site provide a free plan and there is no paid plan. This hosting site gives security and highly fast loading speed to your WordPress blog.

The customer support of this hosting site is very supportive. You get only 250MB storage and for MySQL, the storage is only 10gb. This type of hosting is very helpful in your new blog and it will help you learn WordPress website.

Features of Freehostia

  • This hosting site only offers shared and cloud hosting platform.
  • You can install any application and plugins with the help of this hosting site.
  • You get free site management tools with this hosting site.
  • This hosting site provides a high-level of security to your WordPress website.
  • The best features of this hosting site are that it gives 24/7 helpful customer support

3. 000WebHost

It is the best hosting site among all the free hosting sites. It is the old hosting site. It gives amazingly best support to their customers. It has free plans as well as paid plans. It provides the best downtime as well as uptime.

If there are 1000 visitors on your blog then your site will not get down. It provides support and has the best features amongst the all free hosting sites.

Most hosting site has set up ads which appear in other customer blog but this hosting is very trusted they are ad-free. It provides 1.5GB storage which you can use and it also provides 10GB bandwidth for your WordPress site storage.

Features of 000WebHost

  • This hosting site helps you in installing all the applications and plugins.
  • This hosting gives you free domain like etc.
  • You can register as many as domain names you want.
  • ooowebhost provides features like PHP and MySQL Databases,you can also make a backup of your site.
  • You can make 5 email accounts on this hosting.
  • It also provides features like phpMyAdmin, you also get  Password Protection generator.


This is also a best hosting site it is made for Joomla and WordPress sites. It is highly optimised for your blog as it helps in fast loading of your site. It gives 24/7 support to their customers. It helps you in making a backup of your site. Its other features are like one-click installation of plugins and apps. It also provides Cpanel through which you can install WordPress. It also gives surety of security and maintenance of your website.

Features of CloudAccess

  • Cloud access hosting gives you storage of 500MB Disk Space for your blog.
  • This hosting is operated on 1 CPU Core setting.
  • RAM which this hosting site provides is 1 GB.
  • You can register free Subdomain by using this hosting.
  • The best features of this hosting site are that it provides unlimited bandwidth and it also provides unlimited email addresses registration.


This is the best hosting site for your WordPress blog. This web hosting gives assurance about performance and security for your blog. It gives 24/7 support to their customers. You get many features like PHP, MySQL और cPanel which helps you to run your blog with efficiently.

This hosting is highly optimised which helps your blog in fast loading. This hosting site provides hosting like cloud hosting.

  • This hosting provides cloud hosting with SSD cloud servers for fast loading of your blog.
  • You can control all the  PHP scripts for your blog.
  • This hosting site provides high performance for your website
  • X10 Hosting site provides optimized features and it is very flexible web hosting.
  • You can download and install all the application and plugins with this hosting
  • You also get free web hosting tools and you also get daily updates.

Final Word

These are the top 5 best free hosting sites for your blog. I have recommended these sites for learning WordPress blogging only. There are many hosting sites which guarantees total security but I can’t guarantee. I have told only for learning basis. If you get professional then you can buy hosting from various sites and use them for your WordPress blog.

I hope you like my post and please share my blog with your friends and family. Please follow my blog and bookmark it.