How to increase traffic on a blog using Quora.

How to increase traffic on a blog using Quora.

Hello, friends today we will discuss how we can increase traffic on the blog using quora. In this post, I will share some tips with you to increase traffic with Quora. If you are a blogger then you should definitely read this blog.

Every blogger wants to have traffic on his blog. If you search on google about how to increase traffic on blog you will get different options. It is difficult for a new blogger to increase traffic. He has no proper knowledge about how to increase traffic. 

Today you see many big bloggers and the traffic coming on their website is amazing. It is not a one night game. They have done hard work to get this achievement. If you’re a new blogger then you should follow my steps and tips to get unlimited traffic on your blog.

Today in this post I will give information about Quora how you can use it and increase traffic on your blog. There are many options which you can use drive traffic on the blog like social platforms, guest posting etc but the most

If your a new blogger and want to increase traffic then you should have knowledge about quora. If you have ever search something on google you have seen a website name quora. It is the best website for questions and answers site.

You can search any queries on this website you will get answers for it. And you can also post the answer to the question asked by others to you. 

You will get notifications to give answers to questions. You can also post questions on this site and in return, you will get answer definitely.

Quora is a website through which you can increase traffic on your blog free. The best way to get traffic is through Quora only because the people coming on your blog requires information about the article who has written in a blog. 

As if you write an article on best earphones and you have posted in the quora and you have given the link of your blog in that the visitors will drive to your blog only.

Now I will give you tips about how you can post on Quora in a proper way so you can easily drive traffic to your blog.

Top 5 tips to increase traffic on the blog using Quora.

1.profile creation

The first tip is that you should create a profile in Quora. You have to fill your real details in profile creation for Quora. For example your name, gender, age, qualifications details etc. It is the most important tip for getting traffic from quora.

You have to fill real information in the profile. You should not fill false information. Most of the people don’t make their profile. They leave empty profile because of that people don’t follow them and also their post can’t rank.

You should add Credential in your profile. You can add employment in credentials. You should make your bio most attractive and you should include your skills so that people may know about you.

2.Choose Topics

When you are making profile then there will be an option to select topics in which you are interested and have knowledge about it. You can select them as many as you want.

You can choose topics according to your interest.

When you choose topics according to your choice then you will get questions and answers related to your interest only.

You can answer them and also follow them for the future.

3.Search question and give the answer

After completing your profile Quora will start showing questions related to your interest and profile. You have to carefully select questions and answers them. You should answer them only which you can answer very well.

You should answer to question only which you have knowledge about. If you give wrong answers to the question it will be big trouble for you. You should check which questions you have to answer. You should answer those questions on which you have confidence that you can answer them correctly. 

If you’re interested in buying guide then you should answer the question related to buying guide only. You can do this by following this question and when you again open quora in future you will get questions related to your interest only.

4.Write attractive answers

The most important tip is this only. If you write an attractive answer then it will convert into traffic to your blog. The most attractive answer you will write the more traffic will come to your blog.

The right procedure of writing a post on quora is that you should right catchy title, a post of 2500 – 3000, you should include a video, and you should use interlinks, and you should share it on social platforms.

Before writing answer you should collect knowledge and information about the topic and then you write about it. Without collecting information and knowing about the topic and you start writing answer it becomes difficult for you to continue work on quora site.

5.Do not Promote links

Quora is the best site to get free traffic for your blog. It is the best site for getting traffic. Earlier it is a small website but now it is a big forum. Many experts keep active on this website. You can’t do mischief with this website.

Yes, it is true you get traffic from this website. But if you try to be over smart than quora will block your profile and it will give you strike. So you should follow the proper procedure to get traffic from this forum site. The right procedure to get traffic is that you should answer the questions in the right way.

After writing the answer you can give a link of your article in the footer but it should be related to the question only. You can add one link only according to me as I have posting answer in this quora forum site and I am doing great for many years. So you should follow my advice and your blog will get unlimited traffic.

Final Words

These are the best tips for you to get free traffic for your blog. You can implement these tips and you can easily rank your post on quora and in return, you will get unlimited traffic to your blog.

Please share it with your blogger friends and other peoples. Please do share it on social sites and also follow my blog for more information.

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