Top YouTube Ranking Factors

Hello friends today we talk in this post about youtube ranking factors. If your a YouTuber then you want your video should rank and get views in million. Then today post is for you. It depends on many ranking factors for your video to rank. So in this post i will tell you about 9 ranking factors which we will help you in ranking your video

So look today the main problem to rank your video is that many youtube are there after coming of jio network the data cost becomes very cheap. As you can see every person can now see the video in high definition. Before the jio the cost of data was very costly because of that people see video in low quality. But now data become so cheap that every person now becoming a youtuber.

For ranking your video you should know about the youtube ranking algorithm. As youtube is changing its algorithm every month. As you always wanted to rank your video and it should come in top searches. So you should follow my advice and follow my ranking factors.

There are many factors for ranking your video. But today i will tell you about the best 9 YouTube ranking factors which help you to rank your video in a shorter time.

1. Channel Keywords

If you want that you’re channel should come in search keyword then should add relevant keywords related to your topic and channel. You have to set up and add keywords related to you topic add them to channel keyword section.

You might have noted that when you search for a channel name by writing the full channel name and it not might come on top. It is because you might not have setup the channel keywords right.

So how to set up your channel and keywords in your creator studio. So first you have to go to creator studio then you have to go to Settings Channel then press channel button then go to  Basic and their you have to add keywords related to your channel and videos.

2. Video Title

Another ranking factor for ranking your video is video title. It is the most important factor if your title is not good then it will be difficult for you to rank your video.

The most important factor to rank your video is that your title should be good. In most search engines title has been given the most important factor to rank your video. 

You can see that if you search on different search engine title becomes shorter so you must keep in your mind the title should be shorter to rank your video easily.

3. Video Description

Video description is another important factor to rank your video. YouTube algorithm read your video what is this video about. It gets information about  topic of your video only. If you add description about video it enhances the chance of ranking your video.

As it is also important like title. If you don’t add description about your video people and also youtube doesn’t able get knowledge about your video. What is it about. So video description is also an important ranking factor. 

4. Video Tags

It is another important factor to rank your video. If you use the right tags related to your video then it will be great for your video. If any anyone search for that keywords your video will appear in search. 

You always have to use tags related to your video only. if you use tags non related to your video it will not come in search and sometimes youtube also delete that video because when people search for that keywords and not find that video related to keywords it becomes bad experience for people. people also can complaint about your video.

5. Video Quality

Video quality is also one important factor to rank your video. Video quality can be in different form like 1080p,720p,480p,360p,240p,140p. Mostly when you search video on YouTube you find that most video you will see is in hd quality.

It is because youtube also known that today most people have a smartphone and rate of data is also very cheap and every person want to watch video in HD quality. So if you make a video in HD quality you will get an upper hand over your competitors and your video will rank.

6. Watch Time

It is the most important factor for ranking your video. Watch time plays an important role in ranking your video. Youtube has now implement a basic rule that whose video has more watch time his video will rank faster. So always make video interesting and do different things in your video so that people who are watching your video will see the video complete.

If people who are watching your video and if they don’t like your video they simply close your watch time will also be less and you will not be able to rank your video. It is the most important ranking factor of YouTube.

You can see YouTube video analytics and check which video has more watch time and at who much time people watch your video.

7. Thumbnails

Thumbnail is the most important another factor for ranking your video. You might have watched on youtube videos that most of the videos thumbnails are very attractive but the quality of the video is not that good. But they get more views because of the attractive thumbnail.

Most of the time people don’t read the title they click on the video by only watching the thumbnail. People make thumbnail so attractive do that there video will get more clicks than others.

So always make attractive thumbnail and don’t use auto generated thumbnails. You can use it is a free tool through which you can make a thumbnail attractive.

8. View Count

You have read above is that watch time is an important factor to rank video in the same way views count is also a factor to rank your video.

If your video views is good than you will get a good position in ranking. 

So always share your videos on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, reddit etc. You will get more views and share for these platforms. You will get views and your video start coming in ranking and you always get good position in ranking.

9. Subtitles

Subtitles is also an important factor to rank your video. As subtitles helps youtube crawlers to understand the video content and also helps the other person who doesn’t not know our language.

Subtitles plays an important role in ranking your video position. As youtube crawlers will analysis your video content through subtitles only. So it becomes easy for them to know about your video content.

You can add subtitles through YouTube editor or you can use different tools available in the market.

Final Words

Above are the best youtube ranking factors. If you implement those ranking factors then you can rank your video easily. If you once becomes a popular youtuber then you can easily rank your video without title ,tag, description factors.

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